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Fifth Class
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For Science Week 5th Class worked in groups to research and carry out science experiments. We enjoyed being scientist for the day. Please enjoy the photo evidence of our class experiments. We explored a liquid that was also a solid. When we placed force or pressure on the substance it represented a solid and when we lightly touched the substance it became a liquid. We got to experience what a tornado was like, but luckily we trapped ours in a bottle. We made lava lamps using kitchen ingredients. And lastly we observed the dye from skittles dissolve in a shallow dish of water to produce a colourful rainbow.
On Friday the 30th of November Fifth and Sixth Class visited Microsoft's headquarters in Dublin to take part in its futuristic new DreamSpace learning initiative.
In Science we are learning all about Forces.We carried out an investigation to measure how much force was needed to pull objects on different surfaces by using a force meter. We discovered that more force was needed to pull objects on the carpet because of friction.
We also designed and made parachutes to test Air Resistance. Firstly we tested different materials to discover which one has the best air resistance.
We are all looking forward to our summer holidays with these beautifully painted sunsets
On Friday the 30th of May 4th  and 5th class went on their school tour to Drewstown House (Boyne Valley Activities). We all had a wonderful day learning archery, walking on low ropes, carrying out team building skills in the forest and kayaking in the lake. Some of the children even went in for a swim!!! Here are some pictures of our day, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our day!