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Fourth Class
In fourth class, on World Tree Day [October 4th] we studied the cross- section of an ash tree. We counted the rings and discovered that this ash tree is 35 years old! We also investigated the lifecycle of an oak tree, from acorn to mature oak, and examined the changes that occur in the oak tree throughout the seasons. We did pointillist paintings inspired by French painter Georges-Pierre Seurat showing tree lansdscapes in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We conducted an experiment to prove that plants need sunlight to grow. Using some paperclips, we attached a small piece of tinfoil to one of the leaves on a Pansy plant so that a small area of the leaf is completely covered. We left the plant in a sunny spot and predicted that the area of the leaf covered by the tinfoil would die. We also gathered and pressed some Autumn leaves from trees including the oak tree, the beech tree, the birch tree, the sycamore tree, the rowan tree and the alder tree. Finally, we wrote acrostic poems and created a Poet-Tree using all of the new vocabulary we have learned from our work on trees.
In  preparation for Halloween, we did scary, spooky, sunset scenes of Halloween night . Happy Halloween!
As part of Science Week 2018, 4th Class carried out an experiment in our new Outdoor Classroom using Low fat Supermilk and Vinegar. We mixed some vinegar with boiled Low fat Supermilk. We learned that when an acid such as vinegar is added to milk, it causes a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction causes the protein molecules in the milk to clump together to form white lumps called curd and the liquid is called whey. We strained the mixture using a j-cloth. When the whey was drained off, we pressed the curd, moulded it into a solid bone like structure and left it to dry
Planting Acorns As part of Science Week, 4th class planted some acorns. Materials: Cleaned, dried out milk cartons, compost, acorns, jugs, water. Method We tested the acorns by placing them in a jar of water. If the seed sank, we predict that it will grow. If the seed floated, we predict that it will not grow. We pierced some holes in the bottom of the cartons. We filled the cartons up to approximately ¾ level with compost. We placed the acorns in the compost between 2 ½ and 5 cm under the surface. We marked the cartons with `F` if the acorn floated and `S` if the acorn had sank. We left the cartons in a sheltered corner in our Outdoor Classroom.
4th Class celebrated World Down Syndrome Day on Thursday March 21st by decorating and displaying 'Odd Socks'.
To coincide with Daffodil Day, 4th Class explored the poem 'The Daffodils' by William Wordsworth and did some drawings and paintings of daffodils.
Some of our acorns which we planted in October during 'Tree Week' have developed in to mini oak trees. We snapped these two enjoying the sunshine in our new beautifully decorated Outdoor Classroom!
On Friday the 30th of May 4th  and 5th class went on their school tour to Drewstown House (Boyne Valley Activities). We all had a wonderful day learning archery, walking on low ropes, carrying out team building skills in the forest and kayaking in the lake. Some of the children even went in for a swim!!! Here are some pictures of our day, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed our day!
CARNAROSS Fourth Class