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Climate Change Action Week                  October 15th – 19th  As a Global Citizenship School and a Green School, our school was very interested in learning about climate change and in taking part in activities to help reduce the effects of it. We participated in International Eradicate Poverty Day on October 17th 2018.We collected stones, decorated them and wrote messages of hope for all those around the world affected by poverty. Climate change is responsible for people living in poverty in many parts of the world. We are planting oak trees. Some classes have collected acorns and are going to plant these in milk cartons. Planting trees helps to reduce the levels of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere. All classes learned the fundamentals of Climate Change and the causes and effects of it.
6th Green Flag In May 2018, our school was delighted to be awarded our 6th Green Flag. The theme for this flag was Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste. We raised our new flag in June and the whole school community gathered for a big celebration. We are currently revising all the work we have completed on our previous flags and are beginning to work towards our 7th Green Flag , the theme of which is Global Citizenship-Energy. Our school currently has 6 Green Flags. We are starting to work towards getting our 7th Green flag which is for Global Citizenship-Energy. The other six flags are for...... - Waste Management - Energy Conservation - Water Conservation - Sustainable Travel - Biodiversity - Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste In 2017 our school became a Global Citizenship School. This involves our whole school community learning about and acting upon global issues. Humanity is interdependent. By becoming a Global Citizenship School, our school is making a commitment to promote a more just, equitable and sustainable world for all. The work on our 6th and 7th Green Flags link in very closely with our work on Global Citizenship School. Our Green Committee , which has representatives from all the classes and from the wider school community meets once a month. At these meetings, we discuss relevant green issues and continue working on our Green Action Plan.
Green Committee 2018/2019
Re-Use Month In our school, in connection with Re-Use month we participated in the following activities: Infant Classes used left over photocopied pages for drawing. Some classes planted acorns in washed out milk cartons. Collecting newspapers to spread around the base of trees in our mini-woodland to keep weed growth under control. Cereal boxes, egg cartons, wool, coloured fabric(cut up jerseys), yoghurt cartons, circus tickets and flyers used for Aistear in Infant classes. Old socks were used to make puppets. Bottle tops and lids of jars used for sorting activities in Maths class. All classes are re-using school books through the school Book Rental scheme. Reusable battery collection boxes are used throughout the school. Old clothes and costumes sent in by parents are used in ‘pretend play corner’ in Infants. Old toys collected from families are used in Aistear activities in Infant classes. Bottles collected by 5th and 6th class are being used as percussion instruments. Christmas Play costumes are re-used annually. Children collected jerseys that they are finished with and donated them to Joe Morris. He is going to deliver them to children in Cape Town when he visits there on volunteer work in November.
Green Committee The Green Committee aims to direct and address all phases of the Green Schools Programme. It is the driving force of the programme. Our Green Committee is made up of representatives from each class, staff- teaching and non-teaching and a member of the community. We meet once a month. At these meetings, we discuss actions and targets involved in working towards our next Green Flag (Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste) while all the time maintaining the work carried out on previous themes. This year our focus is on: Raising awareness on how looking after our environment aids people all over the world; Promoting and facilitating ‘Active Citizenship’; Integrating the Global Citizenship Litter and Waste ethos into our wider Green-Schools programme; Making an improvement in the Litter and Waste management in our school. Green Notice Board All relevant Green Schools information is displayed on our Green Notice Board. This may  include an up to date Action Plan, Results of Surveys carried out in school and community and interesting articles in newspapers/magazines relevant to the current theme of Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste.
Congratulations to all the pupils  and teachers at Carnaross on being awarded Level 5 in Pride of Place awards for their school garden .’ Special thanks to parents Breda Wyse and Derek Mc Inerney for their kind support!
Senior classes busy planting!
Infant flower boxes
2nd Class Herb garden
Marcus Smith Eoin Ennis James Shortt Eve Duffy Seán Corrigan Emilie Ploeg Caitlin Mynes Aifric Larkin Daniel Dunne Aoife Muldoon Béibheann Bennett Ciara McKenna Jamie Hanratty John Reilly Ruby Bermingham Emily Hanratty