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Carnaross National School is proud to  commit to the Health Promoting School  (HPS) process. This process provides a  framework for a school to assess health  needs and begin a process of working  towards better health for all who learn  and work within the school setting.  Health Promoting Schools aim to create a  setting that helps support the making of  healthy choices for pupils and to provide  them with the opportunity to reach their  full potential.   What is a Health Promoting School?  “A health promoting school can be  characterised as a school that is constantly  strengthening its capacity as a healthy  setting for living, learning, and working”.   (WHO, 1997) Why is the promotion of health in schools  important?   Child health is defined as physical, mental,  intellectual, social and emotional well-  being and not merely as the absence of  serious illness. In simplest terms by  actively involving our children in an  educational process regarding health and  wellbeing, pupils and staff will become  healthier thus providing pupils with the  opportunity to reach their fullest  developmental potential.  What is our plan for Health Promotion in  Carnaross National School? Health Promoting Schools (HPS) is not a  once-off project, but a whole-school  approach to all aspects of health and well-  being. We hope that progress in our school  will be successful through ongoing  consultation with the pupils, staff, parents  and when needed relevant HSE  professionals.     The process will be facilitated by a Health  Promoting Schools Team (HPST). The following are the members of our  team:   Teachers : Dervilla Finnegan, Elizabeth  Moloney, Philomena Davis Parents : Veronica Finn, Colette Larkin  Pupils: John Reilly, Emily Hanratty The team are currently working on a  number of initiatives. Our soon to be  launched Buddy Bench for the school yard  has been the result of collaboration  between the Health Promoting Schools  Team/ Parents Association and Kells Mens  Shed. We would like to thank Kells Men’s  Shed for constructing and painting our new  Buddy Bench and Eamon Gibney of Forge  Paving for supplying a brick surface for the  bench.   We look forward to welcoming Buddy  Bench Ireland on Thursday Oct 25th to  educate our pupils around the benefits of  having a Buddy Bench in their school  playground. We hope to keep you informed of future  developments as they arise. 
Please see below our timetable of events  for Health Promoting Week being held  during the week of October 22nd-25th 2018. Monday 22nd  Handwashing workshops with Colette Larkin Talk on Anxiety @ 8pm in the school.  Speaker Jenny King (Child and Adolescent Mental Health nurse, Crumlin Hospital) Launch of our Buddy Bench Tuesday 23rd  Healthy recipes cooking demonstrations  with Patrick Keenan Wednesday 24th   Mindful Meditation Workshops  with Dearbhla Grall Thursday 25th  Buddy Bench Workshops with Judith Ashton
Health Promoting  School Week