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On daffodil day the flowers looked beautiful in the spring sunshine! These are the beautiful daffodils planted by the children from Carnaross National School in conjunction with Pride of Place. As part of the Youth Daffodil Challenge, it was planned to sell them this weekend in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. The daffodil bulbs will double and come back better than ever next year and hopefully so will our community after COVID 19 and this time next year we will have an abundance of daffodils to sell for this deserving cause.
policy .....Websites for Students CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT  MORE ABOUT ME LEARNING  ZONE  Home Learning Plans NEPS Advice & Resources for keeping Children and Young People well during Covid-19 Response  to  COVID-19 19th May 2020  Dear Parents,  We hope you and your families are keeping well during these trying times. Thank you for your continued support over the past number of weeks. We would like to express our condolences to all of you who have been bereaved at this time.  Once again, we are sorry to be saying goodbye to another wonderful 6th class, but more so this year under these circumstances. However, we are planning a special end of year Mass and Graduation Ceremony (6th class only) which will take place in St. Ciaran’s Church, Carnaross at 7.30pm on Thursday 23rd July. Due to Covid 19 restrictions and social distancing this ceremony will be confined to the 6th class pupil and their parents.   Unfortunately, it was not possible to celebrate First Holy Communion on May 16th as planned. However, the children were remembered in a special way by Fr. Walsh at mass on Sunday 17th. A new date will be rescheduled for First Holy Communion on our return to school and we all look forward to that joyful occasion.  Teachers are continuing to post weekly work plans for their class on the school website in the Home Learning section.  We encourage you all to keep up the great work by sending in emails of the specified work to your child’s teacher. Teachers check over the work received and return positive, constructive feedback to the children on a regular basis. They also post any pictures/photos sent in on the class gallery page. In this way, the strong connection between home and school is promoted and the children feel motivated to engage with the work set by their teacher.    We are conscious of the fact that normally June would be ‘Homework Free’ so with this in mind we plan to dedicate the week beginning June 15th to Wellbeing, incorporating lots of wellbeing and physical exercises in a holistic manner.  Any Wellbeing worksheets in the children’s boxes should be completed during this week. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gerry Poynton our IT Consultant who has worked tirelessly to keep our website updated.  The calendar for school year 2020/21 is posted on the school website and your child’s booklist for next year is also available. A list of teachers and their classes for 20/21 will also be posted on the website and a text will be sent informing you of your child’s teacher.   End of year school reports will be posted in June.  The Department of Education and Skills has cancelled Standardised Tests for this year. We will be asking parents to return all books on book rental to the school on Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th of June. More details to follow.   If you have any queries or concerns please contact me at office@carnarossns.ie or by phone on 087 9984612.  Thanking you for your continued support.   Yours sincerly  Dervilla Finnegan Principal Please click here to download the 2020 School Enrolment Form Enrolment  Form 2020                    2021 Online Safety Advice from TUSLA CAMHS  Resources European Day of Solidarity between Generations ART COMPETITION
Beautiful ‘Colour and Connect postcards depicting Carnaross National School, St. Kieran’s Well and Carnaross Church are available in Gibneys shop. Donations to Meals on Wheels appreciated.
As   we   head   into   the   final   month   of   the   school year   I   bring   to   your   attention   four   resources that   the   FAI   have   developed   over   the   past   few months   that   you   may   find   useful   for   June   and into July and August.
FAI Homeskills FAI   have   just   wrapped   up   on   Week   7   of   the   FAI   Homeskills   videos.   Every   weekday   at 11am   on   the   FAI   Grassroots   Facebook,   Instagram   and   Twitter   pages,   a   new   skill   is introduced   by     Ambassadors,   current   and   former   Republic   of   Ireland   internationals, with    a    demonstration    of    the    skill    by        FAI    Development    Officers,    and    current Domestic   and   International   players.   Each   day,   you   are   invited   to   submit   your   own video   of   performing   the   skill   for   a   chance   to   win   a   FAI   Goodie   Bag. The   library   of   all 35   skills   is   available   on   YouTube:   FAI   Homeskills .   All   that   is   required   is   a   ball   and   a small area of space.
FAI Guide to Healthy Eating FAI   recently   re-launched   their   Healthy   Eating   Guide   in   conjunction   with SPAR   to   encourage   parents   and   kids   who   are   at   home   to   eat   healthy   and learn   some   new   dishes   that   are   favourites   of   our   Men’s   and   Women’s   Senior International   players.   They   have   twenty   recipes   in   total   and   put   up   three new recipes each week, there are eleven up on the website to date. All recipes can be found here: FAI Healthy Eating Guide
No Barriers At Home In   February   FAI   launched   the   No   Barriers   programme,   a   joint   initiative   with London   to   promote   UEFA   EURO   2020   and   teach   children   about   players   who have   overcome   barriers   in   their   lives. There   are   twelve   inspirational   stories, one   from   each   of   the   host   cities   of   UEFA   EURO   2020.   FAI   created   all   videos and   resources   in   both   English   and   Irish   for   schools   to   use.   It   may   be   useful for   2nd   –   6th   class   over   the   next   month   because   FAI      has   updated   the programme   to   make   it   accessible   for   children   at   home   and      are   encouraging them   to   upload   their   work,   it’s   also   a   fun   way   of   keeping   up   their   Gaeilge   by listening to the videos. Here is the students page: Student Resources . Here is the information on the programme: No Barriers At Home
We Will Draw FAI   also   have   created   some   fun   colouring   pages   of   current   Republic   of Ireland Senior Internationals for children #WeWillDraw   Website https://www.fai.ie/ireland/news/wewilldraw-ireland-international-stars
Hopefully these resources will be useful and your children will get great enjoyment from engaging in the activities
A message to sixth class students  from  President  Michael D. Higgins School Tour Transition document from  St. Ciaran’s Community School  for Pupils and their Parents  who are moving from  6th class to 1st year. WEEK 2020 Dear Parents and Children,  We hope you are all safe and well. Well done to everyone on all your hard work and positivity during these unusual times. All of the teachers and staff in Carnaross NS are extremely proud of you.  Normally in June we get to enjoy our fun-filled sports day activities, but this year is a little different. This year, you get to use your imagination at home and with the help of our suggestions, create your own 'Virtual Sports Week’.  …..Ckick here for more information  Virtual Sports Week Virtual Sports Week C.N.R. Share your photo’s and video’s of your participation in our Wellbeing Virtual Sports Week and receive your participation certificate. Click here to visit our  Wellbeing Website Meath Coaching & Games have developed a new resource for remote coaching to support our schools.  The aim is to keep their presence in our schools strong with continued training and support to students and teachers.  Their first big event will be on the 24th June live on YouTube for all students of all abilities named "Meath PE".   During this event they will conduct a full PE session live and attending to all needs and capabilities. It will be a generic session not just GAA so that it will appeal to all students.  We would love to have your support.  They are aiming for this the be the biggest ever PE session Ireland has ever seen thus giving us a platform to continue the effort through to the academic year.    To register, click at the bottom of the image in the pdf file attached.   Click here to register……
……. for All the Children of Carnaross National School We see your True Colours
The children of 5th and 6th class, Carnaross National School, made this music video ‘Music Makes Words Fly’ as a submission for the Waltons Music for Schools Competition 2020.  They were incredibly excited to be selected as one of six Irish primary schools to perform at The Finalists Concert in The National Concert Hall in Dublin on the 23rd of March 2020 Lyrics You with the sad eyesDon't be discouragedOh I realizeIts hard to take courageIn a world full of peopleYou can lose sight of it allAnd the darkness inside youCan make you feel so small  But I see your true colorsShining throughI see your true colorsAnd that's why I love youSo don't be afraid to let them showYour true colorsTrue colors are beautifulLike a rainbow                       .....more Click here to open our Virtual Tours Web Page
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