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Welcome to the Carnaross Parents’ Association page on the Carnaross National School Website. The aim of the  Parents’ Association is to provide a structure through which parents/guardians of children attending Carnaross  National School can work together, in partnership with the Principal, Board of Management and the whole school community, to provide the best possible education and school environment for children attending the school. What we have achieved.....          The Bingo event was held in 2017.          The Spirit of Christmas Fair was held on the 10th of December 2018. €2,524 was raised by this event.          Santa visited the school on Thursday 21st December, 2018.  Santa’s little gift to the children this year was a Christmas pencil and a homework pass to be used during January 2018.          Policies reviewed in the first half of the year were the Homework Policy and the Code of Behaviour Policy.          The walking track was completely resurfaced at a final cost of €8,800.          The school buses used for the tours were funded at a cost of €500 for 2017, €1000 for 2018 and an anticipated €1000 for 2019.          Sports equipment funded to the value €200.          Policies reviewed in the second half of the year were the ICT Policy and the Risk Assessment Policy. The PA could only comment on the new Child Protection Policy.          Help and support on the completion of the Outdoor Classroom.          Over the year several times we had the safety inspector review the safety of pupils with traffic and we requested the Gardaí were visible at school when pupils arriving and leaving the school. Rumble strips were added outside the school.          We ran numerous smaller fundraisers including clothes collections, copper coin collections and church gate collections resulting in thousands of Euro being collected for the Wishlist. Members of the Parents’ Association 2018/2019: Jnr Infants Reps:   Roseanne Yore & Peter Gannon Snr Infants Reps :   Rosita Brainard  &   Thomas Barrett 1st Class Reps :   Conor Woods  &   Josephine Olwill 2nd Class Reps :    Sinead Moore  &   Mark Kerrigan 3rd Class Reps :   Louise Walsh  &   Paul O’Sullivan 4th Class Reps :   Maria Smith  &   Arjan Ploeg 5th Class Reps :   Alva Cullen  &   John Larkin 6th Class Rep :   Ann Ennis                                                                                                            Board of Management Reps:  Sharon Bennett & Derek McInerney           Chairperson:  Louise Walsh Secretary:  Paul O’Sullivan Treasurer:  Sinead Moore Please feel free to contact your class representative (or any member of the Parents’ Association) via the email address carnarossparents@gmail.com. Please note any contact made with the Parents’ Association will be treated in strictest confidence and will be accessed by the Chairperson and the Secretary only).
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