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Dear visitor, Welcome to our Virtual Eco Den! As you are probably already aware, we at Carnaross NS pride ourselves in being an ultra green school. We are currently working towards our 6 th Green Flag and are constantly looking for new ways to promote a greener way of living in a fun, innovative and informative way. Two years ago our sixth Class published a book called Eco Eddie and His Bionic Blue Bin. This book told the story of a little green alien called Eco Eddie, who visited Planet Earth from an ultra green planet far away in another galaxy! Eddie travelled around Earth in his Bionic Blue Bin assessing our ability to manage our waste, conserve water and energy , travel in an environmentally friendly way, promote bio- diversity and lots more. The book was full of catchy rhymes, beautiful illustrations, helpful green hints and fascinating Eco facts! The County council gifted all green schools in Co Meath with a copy of the book, Eco Eddie was also bought by the County library and over 350 books were sold altogether. (This year we will have a limited number of books in the school if anyone would like to buy one...... €10 per book) Eco Eddie is now our Green School Mascot ...... and is keeping an eye on us all !!!!! (We are sure you have bumped into him on the corridor ..... he seem to like Ms Tynan’s room !) Enter this year’s sixth class with another great idea to keep us all on our very green toes! Introducing ........... ECO EDDIE’S QUIZ QUEST This year you can print off your very own copy of this Eco board game- inspired by the Eco Eddie book but with lots more. It has been designed specifically by us- sixth class - to merge the two areas of CHANCE and KNOWLEDGE. (Snakes and Ladders meets Trivial pursuit). As you might have heard ......we have a particular interest in green issues and of course quizzes! We spent weeks in the compu-library (ECO – DEN) researching these WORLD and CONSERVATION based questions, devising ECO REWARDS and PENALTIES , designing an attractive and fun board game that can be enjoyed by all – Young and all! All you need to do is print off the board / suitable quiz cards (3 levels – Easy / Medium / Difficult) and Mat / Eco penalties and Rewards / Rules .....grab a dice and a few counters and away you go................. having fun playing with your friends or family while learning valuable information about the world and environmental issues! We hope enjoy it!!!!!!!! Remember ......Eco Eddie and .....BIO BETTY ( his new charming girlfriend ) are watching!!!!! BE GREEN!!!!!!