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Climate Change Week October 16 th -20 th As part of Climate Change Week our school took part in the following activities: We made a ‘Boat of Hope’ which we planned to set sail on the River Liffey with 16 other boats as part of End Poverty Day on October 17 th . Due to school closure on the day because of Storm Ophelia, our participation in this event will have to be re-scheduled. Climate Change is causing poverty in many places around the world. As we are a Green School and a Global Citizenship School, we felt that it was very important that we participate in this Action Day. Some classes are collecting acorns to plant in milk cartons. When these acorns start to grow into oak trees they will be planted outside in the children’s own gardens. Tree planting can help reduce the levels of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere which in turn will lessen the effects of Global Warming. During this week, all classes learned about Climate Change- the causes and effects of it. All classes learned about the fundamentals of Climate Change-why it is harmful and what we can do to help.
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Global Citizenship School Last year, our school applied to become a Global Citizenship School. Our application was successful and we unveiled our Global Citizenship School signage in June 2016, during our end of year Graduation ceremony. This signage is now proudly displayed at the front of the school. As a Global Citizenship School, we are involved in learning about and acting upon global issues. Humanity is interdependent. We feel that our school can make a commitment to promote a more just, equitable and sustainable world for all. Being a Global Citizenship School means that our school teaches Global Citizenship lessons to all classes. This involves the children learning about other peoples, countries, customs, rights and responsibilities and Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
‘Boat of Hope’ As part of ‘The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty’ on October 17 th , our school, being a Global Citizenship School, was invited to build a Boat of Hope’. Our boat, with 16 other boats, symbolising the 17 Global Goals, was to set sail on that day on the River Liffey as part of a national event on Custom House Quay. However due to Storm Ophelia, our participation on the day had to be cancelled and we are now planning an alternative day. We made our boat out of recyclable materials. All of the children in the school drew or wrote messages of hope and the inside of the boat was lined with these. We felt that this worked very well as the theme song of the day was ‘Something Inside So Strong’ by Labi Siffre.
CARNAROSS Boat of Hope
This Christmas, as part of our Global Citizenship School activities, we picked Aidlink as our chosen charity. Aidlink exists to improve the lives of those living in poverty in Africa. Operating through partnership in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana, the Aidlink development programme focuses on reaching some of the world's poorest communities, developing life changing improvements in the areas of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Educational Environments, Community Health and Agriculture. We were also very impressed by the fact that Aidlink won the 2017 Published Accounts Awards and the Good Goverance Awards 2017. These two prestigious awards confirm Aidlink's commitment to best practice, accountability and transparency. 5th and 6th Class children, with the help of the rest of the school, designed reusable Christmas Gift Bags ( using recycled and reusable items). These were sold at the School Christmas Fair on Sunday Dec.10th and the money raised was donated to Aidlink. The school held their annual Christmas Jumper Day on December14th. The whole school community wore their Christmas jumpers and raised money for Aidlink. On the day, Ann Cleary, CEO of Aidlink, visited the school and talked to all the children about her work with Aidlink in Africa. We were all enthralled with the stories she told us about her experiences in Kenya. She explained to us how the money we raised on Christmas Jumper Day and by selling the Christmas Gift Bags will be used to help Primary Schools in Turkana, Kenya
As a Global Citizenship School, Carnaross National School took part in Eradicate Poverty Day on Wednesday 17th October 2018. We wanted to show our solidarity with everyone around the world affected by poverty. We collected stones, decorated them and wrote messages of hope on them. We spelled out the words 'Eradicate Poverty' and used our stones to make our message powerful.
Junior and Senior Infants joining sixth class to spread the message of the worlds wish -to eradicate poverty.